Fishtail braids are simply divine. Taking inspiration from the ocean, they’re intricately beautiful with a touch of mermaid glamour. Try out these dreamy fishtail braid hairstyles from ghd.

This trendy braid has made a splash in recent years. Popular during the 19th century, when it was known as the Grecian braid, it stayed under the radar for a long time – too long, we say. Thankfully, we see fishtail plaits everywhere now, from the catwalk to the red carpet to British street style.

If you thought these intricate-looking styles would take hours, think again. This braid itself is created using a simple technique. It works particularly well on medium to long hair, but it can also be adapted to suit shorter cuts.

Perfect the basics to enjoy these dreamy fishtail braid hairstyles. The world’s your oyster with ghd.



Embrace the understated beauty of braided details in this sleek fishtail bun. Sweep your hair up to off your neckline and shoulders, then weave the fishtail braid into the bun, adding a special touch to this elegant wedding style.



If you fancy adding a fishtail touch, micro braids could be your answer. These tiny plaits have an ethereal look to them, conjuring up images of Greek and Roman goddesses. Gently style the rest of your hair in beach waves complete the look.


Keeping it classic, the single fishtail is the perfect balance between subtle and statement – a gorgeous addition to your everyday repertoire. We fell in love with this style when Blake Lively glammed it up on the red carpet for the movie premier of Savages – her single fishtail braid, starting from a high ponytail, wowed us all.


Tumbling gracefully over your shoulder, this side fishtail is a beautiful example of boho-chic. On special occasions, you can accessorise the braid with flowers and pearls. This look is perfect for the everyday too, either kept simple or paired with a vintage bandana.

Tip: Gently curl loose strands of hair around your face to frame your features.



Have twice the fun with these double fishtail plaits, also known as our festival fishtail braids. They’re made for the festival life, ideal for dancing, camping and relaxing in the sun – all while making a summer statement. Go wild with some glitter highlights or weave in coloured hairpieces for a psychedelic touch.


When you feel like letting your locks flow free, this accent fishtail plait is a beautiful focal point – and it only takes minutes to do. Separate a section of hair from one side, braid it loosely and secure in place with hair pins. Minimal effort, maximum impact.

Tip: Pinch and pull the braid with your fingers to add extra texture to the plait and create a more relaxed style



Soft and understated, this multi-braid style has all the girl-next-door charm. To recreate it, plait a chunky section of your hair from the hairline, curving round so it hangs vertically. Keep the plait quite loose and let some strands fall free to achieve this effortless look.

Tip: When you secure the braid, wrap a piece of hair around to hide the elastic.



Sleek and glossy never goes out of style, which makes this twisted fishtail a winner for glamorous occasions. Take inspiration from the twisted pony and combine it with a fishtail braid to create this unique hairstyle. When you’ve finished styling, spritz your hair all over with ghd final shine spray to create a high-gloss Hollywood finish.


Giving us the bohemian feels, this fishtail half updo is a whimsical look for dressed up occasions. Tie half your hair up into a fishtail braid, securing it with a discreet elastic for that au naturel look. Style the rest of your hair with the ghd curve® soft curl tong for soft, bouncy ringlets that complement the plait.


This snaking fishtail plait is simply mesmerising. Sitting on top of your head and appearing to swirl down your back, it’s a statement hairstyle if we’ve ever seen one. To create this intricate effect, incorporate small strands of hair into the braid as you work through your locks.

Look dreamy no matter the occasion when you add these styles to your braiding bible. If you’ve seen a look you like, sit down in front of the mirror and try it out. Transform your hair into something that makes you look and feel incredible – after all, you deserve it.

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