Exude vintage vibes with these gorgeous 1940s hairstyles and throw it back to the golden era of Hollywood.

A vintage movement is making waves in the fashion world, with savvy street stylists and A-listers alike embracing nostalgic beauty. Ultra-polished styles are at the heart of the trend - think glossy curls, voluminous rolls and bold twisted updos.

Unlock a glamorous era of retro hair with these stunning 1940s hairstyles. Let screen sirens of the time serve as your new style muses and experiment with a treasure trove of dazzling looks.



Begin your 40s hair love affair with sultry vintage waves. Take style cues from starlet Veronica Lake and sculpt your tresses into soft kinks paired with a deep side parting. Flaunt this timeless look and channel your inner Hollywood goddess.

Tip: The key to this hairstyle is polished perfection – mist ghd shiny ever after - final shine spray across your waves for guaranteed gloss and zero flyaways.



Master 40s beauty with a set of statement victory rolls. This iconic style dominated the decade, with ladies of the time twisting and rolling their locks into full-volume looks. A striking style for any occasion, bold victory rolls exude pin-up sex appeal.

Tip: For that coveted body and height, apply ghd body goals - total volume foam to damp locks before blow-drying and styling.



Put a vintage twist on your everyday ponytail with sculpted barrel curls. Big, beautiful and bouncy, this 40s-esque style will breathe new life into your hair regime. Create defined barrel curls with the ghd platinum+ hair straightener and pull them into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Finish the look by twisting and pinning tendrils into refined coils at the front of your parting.

Tip: Prep tresses with ghd dramatic ending - smooth & finish serum before blow-drying for extra lustre and shine.



Transform into a vintage vixen by styling your locks into glossy pin curls. Elegant and feminine, this seriously dreamy 1940s hairstyle epitomises retro beauty. Simply create small sections on damp hair, roll them up from the end to the root and pin in place. Blow-dry your pin curls fully with the ghd air® hair dryer, before letting them fall loose.

Tip: Sweep your tumbling ripples over one shoulder to radiate old-school Hollywood glamour.


40s UPDO

Flaunt gorgeous 1940s style with an immaculately coiffed updo. Refined and retro, this swoon-worthy look will rekindle your love for all things vintage. To achieve this stunning style at home, divide your hair horizontally – pin curl the top section and tuck the bottom half into a sleek Gibson roll.

Tip: Ensure your updo stays put by finishing the look with a spritz of ghd perfect ending - final fix hairspray.

Become a vintage trailblazer and revive iconic 1940s hairstyles. Whether you’re flaunting sculpted waves or a polished rolled updo, embrace retro looks and embody timeless beauty.